Current Classrooms:
 We are limiting our classrooms to 15 for social distancing. We require delegates to wear a mask or face shield when entering / moving or leaving the building. We are advising customer to book a online course unless it is not possible, you may book a classroom. classroom courses are running.
Online Classrooms: Our online course pass rates now mirror the classroom style course. we recommend online courses to keep you and all safe.
When to book a test: Due to the backlog caused by the COVID pandemic, estimated 1 million pupils. We suggest booking our course then book any test you can get regardless of how far or near to the course date. You can change your test date and check daily for cancellations on 
Further help: If you require further help, please email us, please DO NOT call as our nominated answering service company is struggling with a over flow of calls and staff shortages due to COVID19.

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(Please do not visit venues for further information, please email us)

Training Location for London: ST. GILES INTERNATIONAL, 154 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5JX


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Call: Please avoid calling, check our website & try to email us instead. We have a reduced phone service due to COVID19 0208 521 1373




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