We are regulated

We are regulated by the DVSA, we are also signed up to the DVSA CoP and CPD agreement. Further details of what this means can be found on Gov.Uk.

StreetKat DVSA


Why are we offering this service?

There is a general consensus that Driving is something that you learn through practical experience and there is not enough emphasis placed on the most imperative aspect of all; PREPARATION. People who are looking forward to learning How To Drive often oversee the importance of pre-educating themselves on aspects such as safety and awareness. Considering a pass in both the Theory Test and the Hazard Perception test are compulsory requirements, PREPARATION is key. Our aim is to provide advanced insight to the different areas of the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test to ensure that pupils feel confident in the areas that each test covers. This in turn will help with practical Driving and safety and contribute to securing better drivers on our roads.


Why are we called Street Kat?

Theory Test training companies tend to have a very boring, formal, and out of touch approach. What would the training would be like at these companies? Boring, formal, and out of touch! Street Kat’s aim is to provide fun, relaxed, and in touch training!

The name “Street Kat”.  The word “Street” for..? Well.. Street! The street for you to learn on, drive on, street to passing, street to freedom!The word “Kat”.. Meow Meow! Cats have become urbanized, a part of the road, users of the road, defensive to use the road! This is the same process we go through in order to learn to drive. From kitten to big cat, we’ve got your back!

The colours: black, white, red.. all typical road colours. The happy Kat? Well, won’t you be happy once you’ve passed? The race outfit? Well, we couldn’t have him naked! The Kat’s name? Paka, Swahili for cat.



Our Training Team

We have a very strict criteria for the trainers we provide, we also have minimum requirments in annual CPD. All our trainers are minimum Grade A / 5-6 ADIs fully approved by the DVSA with valid licences and upto date DBS, Fleet driver trainer approved by the DVSA, assigned to the DVSA Code of Conduct. We hold an Advance Driving Qualifications, minimum PTLLS Level 4 classroom teaching qualifications, minimum 6hrs CPD a year, First Aid trained with valid licences. Some of our trainers are also contracted to TFL, car manufacturers, Police force and many large companies.


StreetKat Team


We member of professionals bodies like the DIA, MSA RoSPA and IAM


What else do we do?

We specialize in Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test training. We have requests by firms, colleges, universities and schools to tailor make Courses and Taining. For example: Further Driver Training, Advance Driver Training, Highway code refresher courses, Basic car maintenance, Speed awareness course, Driver awareness Course, Bikeability courses (Cycling), check courses and many more.


.Street Kat with 2012 Olympics

SK Olympic
Street Kat was subcontracted by Peak Performance (UK’s largest independent Fleet Driver Training company) on behalf of BMW for LOGOC: the London 2012 Olympics to provide “Better Driver Training” for all Olympic staff, volunteers and selected athletes.


Street Kat and Colleges Project

Street Kat is the first known specialist company in the United Kingdom to provide schools, colleges and universities with extensive training in two vital areas when learning to drive; the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test. We are not a driving school; we are strictly a Theory Test training company.

We currently work with

  • Leyton Sixth Form College
  • Central Foundation Girls

In the past we have worked with

Monoux College

Waltham Forest College

NewVic College

Redbridge College

Lambeth College


Street Kat and Bike Aware Project


Street Kat is a member of a “Promote Cycling Safety” campaign being run by Waltham Forect Council with BikeAware.Org.UK.

A project we was involved in to promote safe driving around cyclist, for local residents.


Established in 2006,  the only specialist in the country.

Street Kat is the first known specialist company in the United Kingdom to provide the general public with extensive Training in two vital areas when Learning To Drive; the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test. We are not a driving school; we are strictly a Theory Test Training company. We are the largest Theory Test Courses company in the UK.


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We only do Driving Theory Test Courses (2 days) or Course (1 day)! We provide Classroom Based Driving Theory Test Lessons (half day) & Lesson (hourly). Our Driving Theory Test Classes & Class have a High Pass Rate of 90%. We also provide Driving Theory Test Private Tuition . We are the largest Driving Theory Course provider in the UK. Number 1 in Theory Test Training Industry.