Course Fees



Online Zoom Course

CourseTypeStandard Booking2 PeopleBook Now
3 Days Course Online£150£200Book Now


Other Fees

CourseStandard Booking2 PeopleBook Now
Missed a day / booking or Late change£50£100Scroll Down
Schools / Colleges / Universities From £200 a dayN/APlease email us
Corporate Companies From £200 a dayN/APlease email us


 Change Booking

1. Check this site for available dates.

2. If you change to an earlier date or more than 7 days prior to event there is no charge, just email us.  However, If you changing your date with 7 days or less till course or it is full then we require a fee of £50 (per person).

3. Once paid please send us email with the date selected.

4. Maximum 3 changes permissible


Missed Booking \ Missed a Day

There is £50 fee (per person) to rebook, you have 30 days to do this.

1. Check this site for available dates.

2. Once paid, send us email with date selected.


Admin Fee

Only click on link below if you have been instructed too

Refund Policy

Refund will only be given within 7 days from when a purchase was made unless the course booked for is within 7 days from time of purchase. Your payment will be refunded back onto your card. Refunds will not be given 7 days after purchase.


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