Course Fees

Type of CourseStandard Booking2 PeopleAdd A Friend Book Now
2 Days Course (Day 1 & 2)£100 £150 £50Book Now
3 Day Course (Day 1, 2 & 3)
£100 £150 £50Book Now
PLUS Course (Day 3)£50£50Book Now
Workshop Course (Day 4)£50£50Book Now
Top Up Course (Day 5)£50£50Book Now
Missed a day / Missed a booking / Late change,£50£100£50Scroll Down
Schools / Colleges / Universities From £180 a dayPlease email us
Corporate Companies From £180 a dayPlease email us


Change Booking

1. Check this site for available dates.

2. If you change to earlier date or more than 7 days prior to event there is no charge, just email us.  However, If you changing your date with less than 3 days left till course or it is full then we require a fee of £50 (per person).

3. Once paid please send us email with the date selected.

4. Maximum 3 changes permissible



Missed Booking \ Missed a Day

There is £50 fee (per person) to rebook, you have 30 days to do this.

1. Check this site for available dates.

2. Once paid, send us email with date selected.



Add a Friend

You can add a friend to a book, if it has been booked for 1 person only on the same date as your course. This must be booked under the same name so we can relate the booking.



Refund Policy:

Refund will only be given within 7 days from when a purchase was made unless the course booked for is within 7 days from time of purchase. Your payment will be refunded back onto your card. Refunds will not be given 7 days after purchase.


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